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What is SPECT Imaging?

At the Amen Clinics we have been using brain SPECT imaging as an aide in making neuropsychiatric diagnoses and individualizing treatment plans since 1991. SPECT scans looks at blood flow and activity patterns and is different than CAT scans and MRIs. CAT scans and MRIs show what the brain actually physically looks like, SPECT looks at how the brain functions. SPECT stands for single photon emission computed tomography. It is a nuclear medicine study that uses radioisotopes as tracking devices to look at living brain tissue.

Our SPECT Image gallery contains fully animated 3-D brain images as a learning resource. Each animation is presented in a full 360° rotation. Use the table below to select the condition of interest and select the view link to watch the animation.

Healthy Surface & Healthy Active

Active View: The transparent blue matrix shows activity that is 55% of the brain’s maximum. This gives us a basic outline of the brain’s anatomy, and it allows us to examine internal structures of high activity: Red areas show activity falling in the upper 15% of the brain maximum, and white areas are in the upper 8%.

Surface View: This smooth view shows all activity that falls within 55% of the brain’s maximum. Bumpy areas and places that do not ‘fill in’ are areas of low activity.

Brain SPECT Atlas

Visit Images of Human Behavior: A Brain SPECT Atlas, for hundreds of SPECT images online. This comprehensive atlas is a wonderful overview of Brain SPECT Imaging. Click Here.

About Amen Clinics

Amen Clinics Inc. specializes in brain health and innovative diagnosis and treatment for a wide variety of neuropsychiatric, behavioral and learning problems among children, teenagers and adults. Established in 1989 by Dr. Daniel Amen, the center has a national reputation for utilizing brain SPECT imaging for a wide variety of neuropsychiatric problems, including ADD, anxiety, depression, autism and memory problems. Schedule a consultation by calling or emailing now.

About Dr. Daniel Amen

Daniel Amen, MD is a physician, child and adult psychiatrist, brain SPECT imaging specialist, bestselling author, Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and the CEO and medical director of Amen Clinics, Inc. (ACI) in Newport Beach and Fairfield, California, Tacoma, Washington and Reston, Virginia. 


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